PetsOnCam.comPetsOnCam is a user streaming platform fro viewing archived and live streams of pets. PetsOnCam is devoted entirely to pets and only pets. We provide a safe, family friendly environment and social venue for pet owners, merchants and pet enthusiasts to share stories, helpful tips, education, pet news, antics and memorable doing’s of all types of pets via video or blog with other pet lovers.

dog-video-cameraRegistering for an account will enable members to post a simple profile of their pet, join groups and accumulate points for various site activities. Accumulated points can be redeemed for special site promotions from time to time. Members can also subscribe to various channels they watch more frequently.

The site is mobile friendly and can be accessed on a number of devices. We have a special app for both Android and iOS specifically for viewing video available for download in the Play Store or Itunes; PetsOnCam Viewer.