Will you succeed at fundraising for your group, school project or non-profit? Small AnimalsToo often, from no fault of their own, people fail when launching their fundraiser. Why? Because they don’t know how to get started, rally their community for support and create momentum for their cause. Successful online fundraising is easier than you think. The secret is to choose the right platform. PetsOnCam is dedicated to making fund raising easy for everyone who needs it. With our PetsOnCam project we will put you on the path toward a rewarding campaign using a subject that everyone loves and enjoys; watching Pet Videos on-line.

We love our pets! Over 65% of households  in the United States include a pet and over half of dogs and cats sleep in their owner’s beds. 94% of pet owners say their animal pal makes them smile more than once a day.  95% of cat owners admit they talk to their cats.


Social networks are becoming one of the primary ways that people communicate and share information. Petsoncam is ahead of the curve in meeting many program objectives because it’s pet based and the potential for fundraising is a safe social media opportunity.

1. Safety — a pet based activity that is safe and can parallels to any demographic.

2. Membership – your organization earns $2 every month for one full year for each member enrolling in the fundraising program.

3. Repeat donation – your organization can start this membership and have continued benefits.

schoolKidsGetting a successful fundraising program to be profitable is difficult and expensive. The key is to invest in a program where you will have repeat business.

Because Petsoncam.com is pet based, it is popular and fits any demographic for longevity. Live streaming in social media platform will create the repeat business for as long as the user specifies your organization as the recipient.

Cat VideoPet ownership offers a number of proven health benefits for people and families. Petsoncam.com is a live streaming app that gives people the ability to see their pet and other pets in a social media setting for continued physical, mental and emotional benefits in live time.

Pets build socialization skills.
Pets build responsibility in teaching us to care for them.
Pets build physical fitness.

Pets On CamPetsoncam.com delivers your organization a fundraising campaign that can drive real results with little efforts on your part with something we love so much, our pets.

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