So you are wondering about subscription membership levels and what they mean for you. We currently offer 2 levels of paid memberships:

  1. BASIC monthly memberships
  2. SUPER fundraising memberships.

Novice memberships are free and not connected to any fundraising plans. The BASIC membership is only $9.95 and the SUPER is $19.95. Both are recurring monthly. You have the option to stop your subscription anytime.
Annual fundraising memberships provide funding for special interest groups that are targeting specific groups; PTA, Clubs, Youth Groups etc. To learn more about this opportunity please visit the Funding Opportunity page and contact us.

Both paid subscription membership types provide for site access free of banner advertising. Please select the membership you want below.

Level Price  
Novice Free Select
Basic $9.95 per Month. Select
Super $19.95 per Month. Select